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2023-2024 札響定期会員≪後期シーズン≫募集開始(10/2まで!!)
2023.9.19 / Subscription concerts

2023-2024 Sapporo Subscribers 《Application for the second half is now being accepted!》(Until Oct. 2!!)

Sapporo Symphony Orchestra is now accepting subscribers for the second half of 2023-2024 season (October to March) If you become the subscriber, you can enjoy our subscription concert at your “My seat” with special price. There is also substitute service (change the date of the week if you cannot attend the concert on the original schedule) and special service for Sakkyo members. ※Application is to be accepted until October 2.   【How to apply】 1.Apply via 『Lawson Ticket』 : Lawson Ticket  ・You can select where to sit by yourself.  ・You can pay by your credit card or at Loppi at Lawson Convenience shop.   2.Apply via 『website -form』 (Japanese only) : Application form   ・You can type in whereabout you would like to sit, and Sakkyo will write to you suggestions. (You cannot select your own seat by yourself.)  ・Your “My seat” will be notified to you via post. Payment for your seat is acceptable by credit card or postal payment. Your seat will be confirmed when your payment is completed.   【Subscriber details (Japanese)】 ・Membership fee: 【Subscription Concert Details】 ・Concert details:   ※For more information:call Sapporo Symphony Orchestra +81-(0)11-520-1771 or write toInquiry form (Japanese)     ■Other set of tickets are also on sale. ♪『My Favorite3』~Select three concerts that you like. You can select any of three concerts from Subscription Concert, hitaru Subscription Concert Series and Masterpiece Concerts.  ・For more details (Japanese only):  

【当日券】9/16 名曲コンサート 当日券販売とプレトーク
2023.9.14 / News

【Ticket Information and Pretalk】 Sept. 16 Masterpiece Concert

Saturday, September 16 from 2pm (Pretalk from 1:45pm, Door opens at 1:20pm) Masterpiece Concert at Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara with Mo. Matthias Bamert presents Famous Overtures of Forgotten Operas Hérold/Zampa Overture, Nicolai/Die lustigen Weiber von Windsor Overture, Glinka/Ruslan and Lyudmila Overture and many more. 【Ticket Information】 ■At Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara Large Hall Entrance From 1pm on Saturday, June 17  SS 5,000 yen, S 4,000 yen, A 3,000 yen, U25(A) 1,200 yen for total of 100 tickets ※U25 is for those who born on 1998 or younger. Needs to show the birth certificate. ※Reservation is not accepted for the tickets to be on sale on the day of the concert. ※Cash, credit card and e-money are acceptable at the ticket office. <List of Credit cards> ※Lawson Tickets handle tickets one hour before the start of the concert. ≪Ticket Sales before the concert date≫ •Doshin Playguide, Citizen Community Plaza Ticket Center and Ticket PIA handle tickets until Thursday, June 15.(Tickets are not available at Kitara Ticket Center and SEICOMART.)。•Each Ticket office handles different seatings and thus tickets may be sold out at some ticket offices.   【Pretalk】 From 1:45pm, Mo. Matthias Bamert will present his pretalk on the concert (with Japanese interpretation)  【Stationeries and CDs】 Original stationeries and Sakkyo CD are on sale at foyer. Only cash is accepted. 【Cafe-Corner】 Cafe-corner at the 1st floor of foyer is open during the concert hours.   ※We may request to retire from the hall if you refuse to follow staff instructions. Sapporo Symphony Orchestra and the theater will not take any responsibility against accidents or any other unforeseen actions taken by the guests not following staff instructions. ≪Precautions≫


Originally founded as the Sapporo Citizen Symphony on July 1, 1961, it was renamed the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra in 1962. The orchestra is affectionately known as "Sakkyo" and the Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara, acclaimed for its splendid acoustics, has been the base and center of the orchestra's activities since 1997.